Awkward introduction

August 1, 2007 § 1 Comment

So, this is my blog. Quite nice, cosy lookin’. I might have a chance of sticking around.

Actually, I feel like a bit of a loser. I’m quite possibly one of the last people in the world to get a blog. Turning up late to the party doesn’t seem to be cool when it’s applied to the net. I feel terribly self-conscious and I’m sure everyone’s staring at me.

Still, I suppose I should introduce myself. Or should I? What’s the correct blog etiquette? Oh, who cares. My name is Lynda. If you’ve ever graced the purple halls of ATF or the pink salons of TSF you may know me as Pipistrelle. I’m guessing most of you haven’t though so this is for you: I like tarot. This blog is going to be all about tarot. If you hate tarot, you might as well leave now (or you could stick around, see if you change your mind…you never know).

I feel I should clear two things up right away. First, and most trivially, you may have noticed that I don’t capitalize the word ‘tarot’. I mention this because – apparently – seeing tarot written with a small ‘t’ makes some people feel awfully queasy. If you’re one of those people, grab a paper bag or, preferably, just get used to it (I’d rather not have my new blog smell of vomit). I’m not trying to start a revolution. I just don’t capitalize because nobody has given me a good enough reason why I should. It’s not a proper noun. I rest my case.

Second thing I should clear up: this blog is not who it says it is. That is, beneath the nice clean blue and white theme and the friendly author (that’s me), this blog has a secret. Yes, although it may seem innocent enough, the truth is this blog works in advertising. I have several tarot related projects, websites, products, ideas, socks, and I wanted somewhere I could lump them all together. So, there you go. This blog is less than a day old and already it has a purpose for being. It took me thirty-one years. Anyway, although I will occasionally lapse into shameless self-promotion (please see similarly-titled category), I’m hoping this blog will become more than just advertising space. I do have some very profound thoughts about tarot and I promise, when one comes along, I’ll post it here.

Anyway, this post is long enough I think. Not only have I turned up late to the party but I’ve spent the first half-hour talking about myself. I’m off now to work out what a ‘slug’ is (I have lots in my garden but somehow I’m guessing that’s not what’s meant here).

§ One Response to Awkward introduction

  • Grampy Rob says:

    Please, when you establish what a slug is can you inform me. My theories are:
    1) A slippery creature
    2) A bullet (said in an American accent)
    3) Punching someone in a boxing ring
    4) Hitting a dinger.

    What is a ‘dinger?’ Discuss ….

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