Free 2-card reading with every order?

August 3, 2007 § Leave a comment

Everytime I send an order out at Tarot Chest, I include a couple of sample cards from different decks. If you were to order from us at the moment, you’d get a card from the Tarot of a Moon Garden and one from the Cosmic Tarot (a new favourite of mine). The Tarot of a Moon Garden has a colourful, nocturnal feel – kind of like you’d stepped into a magical ‘otherworld’. It’s full of dragonflies and unicorns and all sorts of fantasy elements. The Cosmic Tarot is a difficult deck to describe as it seems to span a whole range of influences – from Spanish nobility and early 20th-Century cinema to 1980s pop chic and new age mysticism. But despite these different influences it manages to keep a consistent style and gives very direct readings.

I always pick the cards at random from their boxes, but it has been interesting how many customers have commented on receiving ‘just the right cards’. I swear it’s nothing to do with me. But it does make me curious about all the combinations that get sent out and whether they really could be ‘messages from the universe’ 😉

Tarot of a Moon Garden      Cosmic Tarot

Images © U.S. Games Systems, Inc.

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