Like hot cakes…

August 6, 2007 § Leave a comment

It probably won’t surprise any of you to know that the best-selling tarot deck of all time at Tarot Chest is the Original Rider Waite. Or that the Gilded Tarot comes a close second. Those are just a couple of the very interesting statistics I’ve uncovered whilst clicking around in the website database (so that’s what it’s there for). What I’d like to talk about though is the Modern Medieval Tarot which – in a few short months – has become the fastest-selling tarot deck ever in the history of the world. Okay, not the world. Just in the history of Tarot Chest (but that’s really splitting hairs, don’t you think?).

Created by Shayn Amber Wetherell and Tim Wetherell and published by AGMuller, the deck combines medieval sensibilities with digital artwork (hence the title). I’ll be honest: my first reaction was along the lines of, “oh dear, that’s just not nice at all”. But having had a look at all the cards, I can start to appreciate it. It’s an honest deck. The photographic images are down-to-earth and friendly – they feature REAL people don’tcha know – and there’s something very ‘6th Form art project’ about it all, like the creators and all the people featured in the deck had FUN making it. And some cards really are lovely – I especially like the Wheel of Fortune and the 5 of Coins. Although I don’t think it’s one I’ll be adding to my collection, I do hope it does well.

Modern Medieval Tarot

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