Daily Draw

August 8, 2007 § 2 Comments

It seems a little inaccurate to use the word “daily” seeing as I don’t often do daily readings. But, well, it is a reading about today.

The first card represents the situation or obstacle and the second, advice. The 5 of Cups is a sad card but I love it in this deck – I can identify with it a lot. Whereas other versions of the card seem to say “something’s happened, you’re upset, get over it”, the Transformational Tarot depicts very clearly the helplessness, insecurity and desolation we feel when something goes wrong. The girl in the chair doesn’t know how to fix this. Notice that – unlike the traditional RWS card, there are no upright cups standing by. Good, I’m glad. It stops those do-gooders from saying infuriating things like, “Cheer up, at least you’ve still got your health” and “There’s plenty more fish in the sea”. When you’re in a 5 of Cups funk, you CAN’T see any positives. It takes time to get to that point. Anyway, with the 5 of Cups as situation or obstacle, I may be facing some disappointment today – possibly in myself.

Whereas the girl in the 5 of Cups is curled into a ball, trying to hide, the Empress stands tall, nude and unabashed. She may be partially hidden by the tree but she isn’t trying to hide. In fact, it seems more like she is drawing her strength from the tree, which is formed in her image. There is a permanence about her, that can’t be dimished by one small disappointment. She is facing the girl in the chair. “So you made a mistake, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You tried your best – next time you’ll know better. Here, have an apple.”

5 of Cups    The Empress

§ 2 Responses to Daily Draw

  • Sar says:

    This is such a good looking deck. Does it read well?

  • archertarot says:

    Hi Sar 🙂 Yes, it reads incredibly well. I think of it as my storytelling deck as when you place the cards side by side they always seem to tell a story – even with only two cards like the reading here.

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