Mystic Faerie

August 11, 2007 § Leave a comment

It appears I might be the last person in tarotland to hear about the Mystic Faerie (nothing new there then). Now I have almost bought it. (This means I will have bought it by Sunday evening, I’m just making a big show of resisting.)

I have been reading some threads about it on TSF. It is quite interesting to read the different reactions to it. You can divide them roughly thus:

a) don’t like it
b) think it’s pretty but not enough depth for readings
c) love it.

It was b) that interested me most. There seemed to be the opinion from some that the deck was too ‘frothy’ and didn’t contain enough symbolism to be readable.

All of which made me wonder: does the deck you use really dictate how good your readings are? Surely the issue of whether or not a reading is serious, useful or even ‘dark’ is determined not by the deck, but by the subject of the reading and the reader?

I have spent a lot of time recently studying both the Mythic and the Haindl (including runes, astrology and the I Ching). Quite frankly my brain is fried. So the idea of reading with a deck which asks nothing more of me than to look at the pretty pictures is pretty appealing. And if – gasp – the deck turns out to give good readings (surely I’m the one doing the all the work?) then all the better.

All of which is a long way of saying “It will be mine. Oh yes.”

The Sun    Ace of Wands

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