A reading with the Vacchetta

August 12, 2007 § 2 Comments

I have rediscovered my prized Vacchetta, which was a gift from hubby for my 30th birthday. (It is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful tarot decks ever made but more on that later.) The reason I mention it is that I used it to do a reading today: “Should I buy the Mystic Faeries tarot this weekend?”

I drew Le Stelle, Regina di Denari and the 9 di Coppe.

Vacchetta Reading

Le Stelle sums the situation up perfectly. I only found out the deck exists a few days ago and now it’s top of my wishlist. It’s likely I’m being a little ‘starry-eyed’ about it. I have seen a few cards from it which I didn’t like so much but I’m pretending they’ll grow on me which suggests I’m not being altogether realistic. This card also acknowledges that I find the deck attractive and soothing (and also ‘healing’ after all the hard study I’ve been doing with other decks!)

The Regina di Denari advises a more pragmatic approach. This queen is frugal – she likes to have nice things but she also doesn’t spend beyond her means. She manages her money well and never fritters it away on impulse buys. She values and looks after everything she possesses. She says, “Buy it if you like, but first be sure that you really want it and that you can afford it”. This queen is also very good at making the most of what she’s got, which seems like a good attitude for me to adopt especially as I’ve just rediscovered the Vacchetta.

Finally, the 9 di Coppe suggests a happy outcome if I follow Regina’s advice. If I decide to buy the deck, I can do so knowing that I can afford it and that it will be a valued addition to my (small) collection. If I decide not to buy it, it will be because I decided it wasn’t what I wanted to spend my money on right now, and I can still enjoy the decks I have. Either way, this card suggests I will be rewarded.

Interestingly, the card on the bottom of the deck was the Caval. di Coppe, warning me against any romanticized impulse buys (my modus operandi!)


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