The Haindl’s silk pyjamas

August 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

Today I have received my first Tarot Tote:

 The Haindl’s silk pyjamas

Strictly speaking this lovely silk bag isn’t a tote but a ‘silk sleeper’. It’s a little bit large because I chopped the borders off my Haindl, but charming nonetheless. The outer silk is a pale gold colour, like bamboo, and the inner silk is a bright turquoise – exactly the same shade worn by the bridesmaids at my parents wedding. It came with an aqua ribbon so I can wrap it up in a parcel.

I’ve looking for a bag for my Haindl for a while – it being one of my most favouritest decks – and I wasn’t sure if this would be right for it, but yes, it’s perfect. Contrary to popular belief, the Haindl is a very colourful deck and especially has a lot of blue in it. The 2 of Cups, which you can just about see on the very right of the picture above, is one of the most beautiful cards of any deck, ever.

Next on my list: a bag for my Vacchetta. I’m thinking red.

Haindl sleeping soundly

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