The Week Ahead Spread

August 26, 2007 § 4 Comments

I’ve been wanting to develop a spread for a while now that I could use for weekly readings – something that I could do on a Sunday as a forecast for the week ahead. I came up with this simple 3-card spread this morning.

1 – Overall tone. This card shows what the prevailing theme will be for the week ahead. It’s something outside my control.

2 – Personal situation. This card shows a specific situation or issue that I’ll need to address in the coming week.

3 – Advice. This card shows the best course of action or an attitude that will help me this week.

I lay the cards out in a triangle shape, with card 1 at the top and the other two underneath.

And here’s my reading for the coming week. I used the Mythic Tarot:

1 – Overall tone: 8 of Swords. Ah yes, the ‘caught between a rock and a hard place’ card. Great. I shouldn’t expect to make a lot of progress this week. This card indicates confusion, indecision and inaction. This card is a very good representation of what is referred to in the gaming world as ‘analysis paralysis’, where too many choices leave you unable to decide. Except – in the 8 of Swords – none of the choices you’re faced with are particularly appealing. It’s interesting in this card that the Furies wear black and Apollo wears white, leaving Orestes stuck in the grey area between them.

2 – Personal situation: 4 of Cups. In the Mythic Tarot this card represents ‘divine discontent’. On the surface, everything seems like it’s fine and dandy, but underneath there’s that feeling that something’s ‘just not right’. It’s all a little too ‘fine’, if you get what I mean. There’s nothing wrong with what you’ve got; it’s just not what you want.

3 – Advice: 7 of Swords. I should keep my thoughts and plans to myself. If I experience the ‘divine discontent’ shown in the previous card, it’s probably best not to say anything. Perhaps it’s just not the right time to bring it up, perhaps others won’t sympathise, or perhaps if I leave it a while those feelings will pass and it won’t seem like such a big issue anymore. I think the reason for keeping quiet is actually shown in the first card, the 8 of Swords. Talking about it won’t change the situation, there won’t be a way to get what I want without encountering either a rock or a hard place, so best to stay put in the grey area for the time being.

8 of Swords    4 of Cups    7 of Swords

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