Don’t Give Up the Day Job

September 3, 2007 § 2 Comments

Yesterday, I sent my first ever article submission to a magazine. Writing for magazines is something I’d really like to do regularly so this is quite a big step for me.

This morning I did a reading to try and get an idea of how my submission will fare. I used the Transformational Tarot – a deck that I’m growing more and more reliant on for giving straight answers.

1 – How will my article be received? 5 OF WANDS
Hmm…it isn’t really what they’re looking for. In this deck, this card particularly refers to creative differences. The woman in the card is fighting off the man’s advances. The plaque above their heads reads, “Romance…is that too much to ask for?” but the struggle between them is anything but romantic. It suggests that there’s a clash between what the editor wants and what I’m offering.

Actually, if I’m brutally honest, I already know this. I can think of three reasons off the top of my head why they might want to reject my article. Not because it isn’t a good article (actually, I’m quite pleased with it) but because of other factors that I chose to ignore in my excitement to send them my piece.

2 – What will the outcome be for this article? QUEEN OF COINS
Obviously, what I’m really asking here is will they publish it? From the first card alone, I’d say no, but this card gives me pause. I would say that it was a very favourable card, suggesting that I’m capable of producing something worthy of payment. Maybe this card just indicates that they will be interested in me and the quality of my work, even though they may not be interested in this particular article.

3 – Advice for my future development in this area. 2 OF CUPS
Compared to the 5 of Wands, this card shows harmony and concordance. In the 5 of Wands, the two people are at odds, facing different directions. In the 2 of Cups, however, they are close and facing the same direction. This card advises me to pay more attention to aligning myself with the magazine’s requirements. I need to focus more on finding the common ground between what they’re looking for and what I want to write. Makes sense really.

So, if I had to guess I’d say the article will be rejected but the chance will be there to submit other things. I’m not entirely sure that I’ve got the Queen of Coins pegged. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’m sure I’ll find out eventually. In the meantime, all I can do is wait. They say they usually respond within 2 months, so I’d better get comfy.

5 of Wands    Queen of Coins    2 of Cups

§ 2 Responses to Don’t Give Up the Day Job

  • willow says:

    The Queen of Coins could be an appreciation of practicality, followed by the Two of Cups meaning a relationship will form.

    So maybe the Five of Wands means there will be some haggling over a re-write, or a request for something completely different than what you submitted. The practicality might mean a compromise (being practical rather than emotional) on your part leading to an agreement to publish your article.

    Just off the top of my head… 🙂

  • archertarot says:

    Hi Willow. Thanks for the suggestions. Let’s hope you’re right 😀

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