Coming up this week…

September 9, 2007 § 1 Comment

I’ve done another reading today using my Week Ahead Spread and this is what’s coming up for me this week:

1 – Overall tone: 8 of Wands. This card shows what the prevailing theme will be for the week ahead. Things are going to move very quickly, and perhaps this means a certain situation will come to its conclusion (not entirely unexpectedly). As a heads-up, this card is warning me to be prepared to leap to action when the time comes. Run with the bulls or get trampled by them.

2 – Personal situation: Ace of Cups. This card shows a specific situation or issue that I’ll need to address in the coming week. Emotions, specifically a welling up of new emotions. I could be wrong but it would be a fairly safe bet at the moment to say this card points to a welling up of sadness (unlike some readers, I don’t believe the Aces can only have positive meanings). I am not very good at showing my own emotions or dealing with others’ emotional outpourings, so for me this card represents quite a daunting task.

3 – Advice: Queen of Pentacles. This card shows the best course of action or an attitude that will help me this week. Well, this is good as it shows a way I can cope with the Ace of Cups situation. The Queen of Pentacles uses practical means to express her feelings and show she cares. This card suggests that focusing on giving, creating, nurturing and working, will best help me channel my emotions.

                               8 of Wands   

 Ace of Cups    Queen of Pentacles

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  • archertarot says:

    On further thought, I may be jumping to conclusions here, interpreting the cards as thought they refer to a specific existing situation, which of course they may not do.

    The great thing about readings like this though is that I usually find out what they’re referring to in good time. 🙂

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