Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot

September 11, 2007 § 3 Comments

My PT Tarot has arrived, and it is as colourful, twisted and entertaining as I hoped it would be. Unfortunately (as always seems to be the case when a new deck arrives…why is that?) I’ve hardly had any free time to play with it, but I’m hoping to have some this evening. So here’s a quick run-down of my first impressions:

– the characters. This is a deck full of friends and friendly faces. The artist has given many of them names and describes them with charming little character sketches in the LWB.
– the size. These cards are large – just a little under 14 x 9cm. It is just about possible to shuffle them. The good news is they have very narrow borders, so there’s no wasted space and you have these great big images. I’m already eyeing up my trimming scissors. I think taking a few mms off would make them just that little bit easier to shuffle and let the pictures stand out even more.
– the ethos. Life is FUN! Life is a CIRCUS! Life is a BIG ADVENTURE!

– the card backs.
I mean, they’re okay, but they’re really not that attractive…
– the card titles. Only because the suit title is at the top and the number at the bottom, and I’m used to looking at the top for the number (really lame reason).


– 2 of Cups (of course)
– the Hanged Man
– the Sun (he reminds me of my 6 year old nephew)
– 9 of Cups
– Page of Wands
– Queen of Coins
– 4 of Cups

pt_12_major_hanged.jpg    pt_19_major_sun.jpg    pt_58_minor_cups_09.jpg

pt_74_minor_wands_page.jpg    pt_34_minor_discs_queen.jpg    pt_53_minor_cups_04.jpg

– 5 of Wands, for being so uncomfortable to look at (ouch!)
– 8 of Coins, for being a bit blah

pt_68_minor_wands_05.jpg    pt_29_minor_discs_08.jpg

More exciting observations to follow…

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