My Match Prediction

September 12, 2007 § 3 Comments

In just a few minutes, England will play Russia in a Euro 2008 Qualifier. I thought I’d do a quick reading to try and predict the result.

First half performance – The World
Second half performance – 4 of Cups

First half – The Star
Second half – The Tower

England – Justice
Russia – Ace of Cups

Hmm…things don’t look good for us. After a tricky start where both teams come out to play without their kit on, it looks like England may dominate in the first half but Russia will show signs of brilliance. The second half sees us having to rest after a few too many half-time oranges and putting in a lacklustre performance (where have I heard that phrase before…? 😉 ) whereas Russia will deliver a shock. Or they’ll get shocked. I’m not sure.

The final result? England will get exactly what they deserve (uh-oh) and Russia will walk away with a shiny cup.

Oh dear. I hope not.

hp_21_major_world.jpg    hp_53_minor_cups_04.jpg    hp_08_major_justice.jpg

hp_17_major_star.jpg    hp_16_major_tower.jpg    hp_50_minor_cups_ace.jpg

§ 3 Responses to My Match Prediction

  • archertarot says:

    In case you were wondering…
    England dominated in the first half while Russia looked weak and vulnerable, and we were 2-0 up at half time. Russia’s strong start to the second half put us on the back foot but we regained control and scored another goal to finish 3-0. No shiny cup for Russia but certainly Justice for us :

  • melissa says:

    Which deck is this? If you don’t mind sharing…

  • archertarot says:

    Hi Melissa, not at all. It’s the Hoi Polloi Tarot from 1973 (now out of print).

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