September 17, 2007 § Leave a comment

Sometimes I am amazed by my own stupidity. For much of today, I have been trying to work out the significance of the Tower card as Overall Tone in the Week Ahead reading I did this morning. I used the Haindl, which has the most intimidating Tower card out of any deck; naturally, I have been peering out from behind my net curtains all day to check for earthquakes, fires and floods. (Not really, but suffice to say I’ve been bracing myself for whatever catastrophe is due to hit.)

Meanwhile, my house looks like a bomb’s hit it: a new fridge-freezer is being delivered tomorrow; the old one is defrosting over the kitchen floor; and nothing is where it should be (in fact, many things are where they very definitely shouldn’t be). It wasn’t until this evening – as I was trying to clear a path through the wreckage to make dinner – that the penny dropped. What am I looking at? Chaos, disruption, upheaval. And what does the Tower mean? All together now: Chaos! Disruption! Upheaval!

The bad news is the Tower represents the overall tone for the whole week – not just today – so it looks like there’s more fun to come. Oh goody.

(You watch…now I’ve said all this, my house will probably get struck by lightning in the middle of a freak earthquake. Tarot cards eh?)

The Tower

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