Phantomwise Tarot

September 24, 2007 § 2 Comments

Every time Adam McLean sends out a newsletter announcing a new deck in his Artwork Tarot series, it pains me. True, there have been some in the series that haven’t made me salivate but those are few and far between. What usually happens is this:

  1. Click link
  2. Sigh
  3. Scroll down
  4. Sigh
  5. Scroll back up
  6. Sigh
  7. Look at price
  8. Close window

Today, his Devilish temptation is the Phantomwise Tarot – a stylish black and white deck of dark storybook art by Erin J McCauley. Here are a couple of cards. Nice, isn’t it? In a small way, it’s kind of got a Smashing Pumpkins ‘Tonight Tonight’ thing going on. Apparently, the artist is very much influenced by Lewis Carroll.

Phantomwise Magician    Phantomwise Lovers

As with Millenaire Tarot de Marseille, the problem is not that the deck is too expensive. I’d say £40 (which is what the Phantomwise costs) is an excellent price for something that is a hand-printed, hand-cut, hand-laminated, limited edition, majors only collectors deck. No, the problem is that I just can’t spend that much on any deck. The most expensive deck I’ve ever bought was the Hoi Polloi, at £35, and that was only because a) it was out of print, b) I really really wanted it, and c) I promised myself I wouldn’t make a habit out of it. I never regretted that purchase and I have never seriously considered spending that much on any other deck.

Still, it doesn’t stop me pressing my nose up at the window.

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§ 2 Responses to Phantomwise Tarot

  • Melvin Stephen Gordon says:

    I would like to acquire the Tarot Deck that was created by Erin Morgenstern. The name of the deck is Phantomwise.

    If you know where I can acquire this deck please let me know by email.


    • Lynda Cowles says:

      Hi Melvin – sorry for the delayed reaction! The Phantomwise is a tough deck to get hold of now as the majors only edition published by Adam McLean sold out a long time ago and the 78 card deck has yet to make an appearance. You may find a majors copy on eBay but it won’t be cheap – you might be better off waiting for the full deck. 🙂

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