September 27, 2007 § 3 Comments

I’m sick of reading “Death is not an end, it’s just a transition”. I’m sick of hearing “time to clear out your closets, girlfriend, the Death card is telling you to get rid of all your clutter”. I’m sick of seeing Death compared to a caterpillar cocoon “don’t worry about that mean-looking skeleton, everything’s fine, look you’re going to turn into a beautiful butterfly!”

The Death card in the Classic Tarot has got it right: TERMINE – END – FIN – ENDE. When you see the Death card, like it or not, something’s coming to an end. A big fat dead end. Full stop, no coming back from this one.


Everything dies. Everything will come to an end one way or another. It’s probably fair to say we encounter Death in our lives on a different level almost every day. So why do we shy away from it in readings?

Yes, Death can represent a transition, but to only focus on that is to mislead the querent. Yes, Death represents change, but when you change trains you END one journey before beginning another. Sure another relationship may come along, another career, another set of beliefs, and that’s great. But it won’t happen until after THIS relationship, THIS career, THIS set of beliefs has died. And it’s the dying you have to deal with.

Death will close the door on you long before another one opens – often long before you even realise there IS another door. Death takes away your wallet, your clothes, your shoes and leaves you in the wilderness with no ride home.

Death is death. It’s not easy, and it looks nothing like a butterfly.

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