A Phantasmagoric Mistake

September 28, 2007 § Leave a comment

Last time this happened, it was with the Tarot of the Secret Forest – a beautiful, haunting deck that reminded me of the jungle at the bottom of my Great Aunt Ivy’s garden. (As a little girl, I was convinced there were fairies in that wilderness, and probably lions too.) I held off buying that deck for no more than a week. I gazed at scans online, read others comments in the forums, and daydreamed about how reading with it would make me instantly more intuitive and wise. Yet less than thirty seconds after ripping the cards from their cellophane, I knew I’d made a big mistake. The deck was beautiful, but it wasn’t for me. Two weeks later, I’d traded it away.

With the Phantasmagoric Theater Tarot, it’s taken me a bit longer to realise the error of my ways. I just missed the subtle clues: the fact I haven’t looked at it since the day I got it; the fact it is already at the back of the drawer; the fact that I have no urge whatsoever to read with it. Okay, not so subtle clues. Anyhoo, the upshot of it is, the PTT is a goner. (It’s on ebay right now if you’re interested…)

I just wish I didn’t keep doing this but there seems to be no way of telling which decks will be a ‘good fit’ and which will be all wrong. Both the Transformational and the Haindl were impulse buys, and both are here to stay. The same goes for the Amano, the Cosmic, the Mythic, and the Housewives. It takes time to get to know a deck and that can only be done by using it, conversing with it if you like – something that can’t be done just by looking at scans online. All of which suggests that choosing a deck isn’t just about whether or not you like the pictures; there’s something else going on as well.

Still, we live and learn. Or do we? I’m already lining up a replacement for the PTT, one which I’m sure can’t possibly be a mistake on account of it’s so beautiful, classic and would be a joy to own whether I can read with it or not. The Golden Tarot by Kat Black has been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember and yet has so far managed to escape my grip. So far…

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