If at first…

March 18, 2008 § 2 Comments

I’ve learned something valuable this week, which is: It’s okay to scrap a reading and start again if it doesn’t make sense. This is something I didn’t think possible until yesterday. I always believed the cards you drew were the cards you were meant to draw and that was the end of it. Figure them out or abandon all hope ye who shuffle here.

Now I think differently. A tarot reading is like a conversation: you ask a question and receive an answer. Tarot cards are what facilitates communication – they provide the language. I’d say I spoke pretty good tarot, just as I (used to) speak pretty good French. If I didn’t understand something someone said to me in French, I’d ask them to repeat it, or say it slower, or explain it in a different way. I might rephrase my question if I thought that would help. The same goes for tarot. If the first reply you get sounds like gobbledegook, ask again. Change the question – make it more specific, for example. Or change the spread. In one of the readings I gave yesterday, I did both these things – twice! By the third time I shuffled and laid out the cards, I understood.

It sounds like cheating, but it’s not. When I looked back at the cards I’d drawn the first two times, I realized they carried the same general message as the cards I’d interpreted (in fact, some cards repeated themselves from reading to reading). The message was just conveyed a different way – using more complicated language, bigger words. I needed to hear the message explained in a way I could understand. (If you’re thinking that makes me simple you’re probably right, but in my defence simple isn’t necessarily a bad thing.)

Perhaps I should have tried harder; perhaps I was having a bad day. Perhaps I’m not as good a tarot reader as I like to think I am. Or perhaps, as one forum friend put it, the force just wasn’t with me. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t really matter. What’s important is ensuring the lines of communication stay clear so we don’t wind up like teenagers in a horror film – miles from anywhere without phone reception. It never ends well.


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