The Turning of the Wheel

April 18, 2008 § 4 Comments

The Wheel of Fortune has always been for me something of an abstraction. I understood what it represented – fate, destiny, changes, things outside our control – but had never really felt the effect of its slow, indifferent movement on my own life. Perhaps I was blind to it, or perhaps I believed that most things – most important things anyway – were all a result of my own efforts. After all, the Wheel of Fortune is the ultimate symbol of fatalism, which is a philosophy I’ve never really put much stock in.

Yet, in this month of April, 2008, at the age of 32, I feel the Wheel of Fortune turning for me for the first time. Suddenly, things are happening in my life which are completely outside my control. Suddenly, I find myself watching my life change before my eyes – slowly, yes, but no less resolutely. The future that I thought lay before me is morphing into something else entirely, like some weird virtual reality special effect.

It’s strange, but it’s not unwelcome. The Wheel of Fortune doesn’t wait for you to be ready for change. It doesn’t always come along at just the right time, when it’s convenient for you, and it doesn’t ask for permission to turn. It just rolls on in, does its thing, flips your life upside down, and rolls on out.

Fortunately for me, I see this particular turn of the Wheel as a blessing. Perhaps another time in my life, the Wheel will bring me nothing but heartache. Or perhaps, no matter in which direction the Wheel turns, it’s simply your attitude that determines whether it brings you good or bad fortune. Things are happening to me, yes, and I have very little say in what’s going on, but I’m not a victim, crushed under the Wheel’s heavy tread. Rather, I’m like a message in a bottle, floating in a sea of uncertainty. I don’t know where I’m going, or even if I’m going anywhere. I may fill with water and sink like a stone. But I float anyway, trusting the waves to take me where they may, if they may.

I quite like it.


§ 4 Responses to The Turning of the Wheel

  • Balakirev says:

    “ge of 32, I feel the Wheel of Fortune turning for me for the first time. Suddenly, things are happening in my life which are completely outside my control.”

    If you’ve ever been able to maintain the belief that your life was under your control, then I’d like to shake your hand! Because it probably made you a lot less stressful. But in my opinion–and for what little that’s worth–the major arcana are processes that are always present in our lives. Where Fortuna is concerned, we hedge ourselves about with cushions to prevent ill effects, but how certain are they? All those Enron employees who thought they had pensions and insurance discovered those cushions meant nothing when their bosses’ illegal bubble collapsed. And Kenneth Lay, former CEO of Enron…? Not old by any means, he died of a heart attack over a year ago. Control of our surroundings is temporary and always subject to a host of variables we not only can’t touch, but often can’t fathom. It all adds zest to sailing the ocean of life, but it does make the waters rather choppy.

  • Morgana Fillion says:

    I think it’s a great observation that it takes a little age before you can really feel that slow march of time – younger, you simply haven’t gotten far enough around the circle to notice it. (think how long it feels waiting for a holiday when you’re 8 – time feels different when you’ve not used up much of it). More age and experience, you come to know that what’s coming will get here in its due time, and even recognize the cyclical nature of things. Yes, much is out of our control, but knowing ‘this too shall pass’ can help make our response to them a bit more in perspective.

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  • a_dream_painter says:

    good to see that someone else still has the Hoi Polloi deck other than I.


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