New Moon on Monday

May 5, 2008 § 3 Comments

Long story short: Gone off tarot lately so thought I would start drawing a daily card from the Haindl to try and get back in the swing of things.

Today’s card is XVIII, the Moon:

Unlike many tarot decks in which the Moon is often one of the most beautiful major arcana cards, Haindl’s Moon is quite unsettling. Central to the image is the head of a unicorn, but there is no body; instead, the head appears to grow out of a pillar of stone. And the unicorn’s horn is very large, reminiscent almost of a clown’s hat. Combined, these evoke a twisted image of childhood, as if the unicorn head is some sort of nightmare hobby horse.

The Moon was one of those cards which I never used to draw. Over the last month or so, however, it has come up several times in readings for myself and others. It is clear why*. Like the Wheel of Fortune I wrote about in my last post, the Moon’s pull is affecting my life in a big way at the moment. Everything may seem the same on the surface, but there are strong undercurrents at work – maybe even dangerous undercurrents – that threaten to cast me adrift. (Does all this talk of water sound familiar?)

Funnily enough, today I find myself looking back at a reading I did for someone else in April. In that reading, the Moon appeared in the position of “what you can do”. Its message seems relevant for me today:

“It refers to unfamiliar territory – not just physical territory but also psychological and emotional. It can signal a period of great confusion where each step you take is filled with trepidation. It sounds terrible(!) but it doesn’t have to be. Attitude is very important when this card appears. We humans tend to be creatures of comfort – we like the familiar and the safe, it makes us feel secure. When the Moon appears, and we are called to – or forced to – venture outside our comfort zone, it can be frightening and stressful.

The key here is to decide how you will deal with this uncertainty. Will you tremble and hesitate and let fear and doubt consume you? Or will you (to coin a phrase) “boldly go” where you haven’t been before, trusting that nothing can be as bad as you imagine and that you will be able to deal with whatever you encounter? Basically, in answer to the question “what you can do”, this card tells you to embrace the unknown. Things rarely turn out to be as bad as we fear.”


*Apologies for the veiled references to what’s going on in my life. It is too soon to talk about but all will be revealed in time. I guarantee, however, that when I tell you it won’t be anywhere near as exciting as what you’ve been imagining. 🙂

§ 3 Responses to New Moon on Monday

  • Cathy says:

    I am still a total newbie to Tarot, so many of the cards are still difficult for me. I am still learning all the possible meanings and interpretations. However, I find The Moon especially difficult. I just can’t make the connection between the way the card is interpreted in books or online and what I see. I started of with the Rider-Waite deck and am now using the Robin Wood Tarot. A dog and a wolf howling at the moon doesn’t seem to spell out the same things for me. I like the night and love the moon, I just don’t get all the confusion and upheavel and really struggle with this card in spreads…

  • archertarot says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Well, the Moon isn’t always about confusion and upheaval. The Moon is also about the imagination, fantasy, dreams, daydreams, mystery, romance, magic and illusion – all of which are usually wonderful things. Finding yourself in the realm of the Moon can be like stepping through the Looking-Glass, or leaving your house and finding yourself in Oz. All those new weird and crazy things can be frightening and confusing or they can be enchanting and wondrous – a lot depends on your attitude. However, if we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory in real life, where we don’t understand the customs, the language, the rules of the game or everything just seems topsy-turvy to our own world-view, things can quickly become overwhelming and intimidating. I guess that’s where confusion and upheaval come in.

  • Cathy says:

    Thanks for the explanation, that makes a lot more sense to me.

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