Shining Tribe – 10 of Birds

August 23, 2008 § Leave a comment

I took out my Shining Tribe today and the card on top was the 10 of Birds (the 10 of Swords in old money). To me, this is Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, a film I’ve never seen but I must have seen a clip somewhere along the line. I look at this card and hear the noise – the cold callous crowing, the scrabbling of claws and sharp hammering of beaks – and get those wild crash zooms of black beady eyes and the heroine, her face drawn in horror and fear, her hands raised to shield herself.

In Rachel Pollack’s card, a woman in a green dress has her hands up to her face. Is she covering her eyes or just clapping her mouth in horror? She’s got her back to us, so it’s hard to say. Maybe she’s come home to find these giant birds nesting all over her house and she’s thinking ‘oh my, how am I ever going to clean up all that guano?’

Yet there’s this one bird amongst all the others that is different. It stands on a rock suspended in the middle of the sky (that in itself should be a clue that this bird is special) and it has a human face, a golden body and broad wings, strangely reminiscent of an…Hey, wait a minute! That’s not a bird, it’s an angel!

Wow. Seeing an angel in the midst of all this chaos, uncertainty and fear? That’s got to be a good sign. It sure don’t look like the Angel of Death anyway. Maybe everything’s going to be all right after all. Maybe all the woman in the green dress needs is a scarecrow (or some tinfoil dishes tied to sticks) and some good strong detergent. Huh. I guess things aren’t as bad as they first seemed.

(I probably shouldn’t go and watch ‘The Birds’ now, in case there isn’t a happy ending.)

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