Aquarian Tarot

September 2, 2008 § 2 Comments

The Aquarian Tarot was the first deck I bought for myself. Apart from those early awkward readings, I haven’t really used it much and it has been left, wrapped in a red silk cloth, at the back of every drawer or basket I’ve stored my decks in over the years.

Last night I decided to do a reading about a very sombre issue and after looking through all my decks, the Aquarian seemed like the only deck that fit for the purpose. I guess it is quite a sombre deck – not frivolous or all about looks like some decks. It has a certain weightiness that I’ve never noticed before. And although there are some bright colourful cards, and some stunningly beautiful ones (the Lovers, the Star), most of the cards are illustrated in quite muted, even drab, colours – greys and pale pinks, purples and oranges.

Most remarkable though are the faces. While everything else is illustrated in colour, with strong outlines, the facial expressions are drawn lightly in pencil. And they are so telling, from the haughty nose on the face of the rider in the 6 of Rods to the plaintive eyes of Temperance.

It is a very under-appreciated deck, not least by me.



§ 2 Responses to Aquarian Tarot

  • Balakirev says:

    Good choice! As Waite clones go, the Aquarian’s a great one, and it was the third deck I ever got. (Right behind an “original” Waite, but of course colored, and the Cat People one.) The Aquarian’s the most stylish of the lot, though its perfection may be its greatest fault. There isn’t a hair or image out of place, whereas Rider-Waite is just as interesting for its dissonances as it is for what makes sense.

    I have to love the art in the Aquarian, though, and it really makes for effortless readings. Have you ever looked at the Fey Tarot? One of my top two all time Waite clones, as well as the St. Petersburg deck. I’m normally against cute, but the deck has art and style, and makes for good readings.

    I really need to stop drinking caffeine in the morning. My apologies. 🙂

  • archertarot says:

    The Fey has never really done it for me, although a lot of people say it’s a great reading deck. And I always think I would find the St Petersburg images too small for readings.

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