Bad Poetry

September 5, 2008 § 1 Comment

The other day I found a little black notebook in a drawer. Most of the notebook was empty, but among some tarot ramblings on the first few pages were a couple of poems, dated April 2005.

I like poetry but I’m no poet (as you’ll soon see). But I thought it would be fun to post them here anyway because a) they’re so pathetic it will give you something to chuckle over, and b) it proves that writing poems about tarot cards is a worthy exercise, even if the resulting purple prose makes you reach for the nearest bucket.

Although I didn’t make a note of which deck inspired me to such creative heights, this first one was definitely written for the Druidcraft (it’s the reference to ‘birch’ that gives it away):

The generous sun
offers me a spark –
a birchful of promise,
burning brightly
in the dark.
With this wand
to wield a flame
I could set
the world alight.

(Ace of Wands)

And if you thought that one was bad, it gets worse…

The place my heart dwells,
dwells inside my heart
and bursts its walls
crescending joy
with garlands and flames,
dancing, music and games.
And circling the square of its hearth
is love –
transcending all,
dwelling in the place of my heart
beating within in its walls.

(4 of Wands)

You can pelt me with tomatoes now. 🙂

§ One Response to Bad Poetry

  • Sam says:

    I love these poems – I don’t think they are bad at all… but very beautiful in fact. You should write more! Sam

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