September 6, 2008 § 4 Comments

My passion for tarot has only just returned and already I am frantically adding new decks and books to my wishlist. Here’s a sneak preview of what I may be talking about in the not so distant future…:)

Sheridan-Douglas Tarot

I have wanted this deck for a long, long time and finally (hopefully next week) it will be mine. I just find the bold blocks of colour and clean lines so appealing*. And I am reliably informed it is Rider-Waite-ish enough to be easily readable and yet not so Rider-Waite-ish that it’s nothing more than a clone. Expect to hear me wax lyrical about this one repeatedly.

(*A forum friend of mine says her baby particularly likes this deck because of the simple colours and lines. What this says about me, I’m not sure…)

Back in Time Tarot

I’m really looking forward to reading this one (even though I’ve just noticed the release date on Amazon.co.uk has been pushed back to January – luckily the book is published in the US in October). The Back in Time (BIT) method sounds like one of those ways tarot should be used – giving the kind of personal feedback that tarot is good at – and something that anyone can do regardless of their experience or reading ability. I hope it’s a method I’m going to be using a lot.

Shadowscapes Tarot 

Perhaps no surprises here as I think everyone is eagerly looking forward to this. Stephanie Pui-Mun Law only has four cards to finish (the four Kings) and then…well, word on the street is that the deck will be published by Llewellyn in Spring of 2010!! The illustration is exquisite – beautifully detailed, with little surprising touches that hide and then leap out at you when you least expect it – and the cards are also well thought out and meaningful. I think it will be a joy to read, as well as to look at. If I get nothing else, I will still definitely be getting this.

Wild Mercy: Tarot Inspired Musings

“I am gathering fragments of sun
in my arms
and taking the fire inside.”

‘Nuff said. Wild Mercy is a book of deeply personal poetry inspired by some of the more challenging major arcana cards (Death, Judgement, the Lovers, etc.)

Dame Fortune’s Wheel Tarot

I love the vibrant colours of this upcoming deck from Paul Huson. Apparently, Lo Scarabeo will be publishing it in 2009, but to see more cards in the meantime, visit Aeclectic.

§ 4 Responses to Wishlist

  • Balakirev says:

    Just got the MerryDay set and book, myself. I’d been waiting for a long time, until I finally read a post in one of the major tarot Yahoo groups stating that it was out of print–and that the post’s author was willing to sell their copy for $100.

    I immediately wrote a link in the group to the website and said that, as far as I knew, it was still available for nearly half that price from the deck’s creator. But then I got to thinking: why not finally get it? At least it’s not a Waite clone, and I’ve made a promise to myself not to buy any more Waite clones. It’s quite original, so…

    The final straw was when my wife’s bonus came through, and she suggested I go ahead and buy it. That’s noble of her, though I’m sure she’s also planning some expenditures, herself. 😀 I took the hint, and the deck arrived relatively quickly. The looseleaf bound book was largely about numerology, about which I have no interest, but there was a good section on the deck, itself.

    Sorry for rambling on about this, but it somehow seemed pertinent to your own desire for more decks. And good luck with your pregnancy! 🙂

  • archertarot says:

    Ah yes, the unending quest for more decks…

    I’ve just had a look at the Merryday and it wasn’t what I thought it was at all. Quite nice though but thankfully not one for my wishlist. 🙂

    I’ve now got the Sheridan-Douglas and really like it. I’ll probably post about it later in the week.


  • Balakirev says:

    When I first saw the Shadowscapes deck, up at Aeclectic, I thought, “Oooo, pretty pictures! Very pretty!” And of course, I wanted it at once, even before the artist was finished. But from that link you provided, I realized that the cards actually don’t seem to hold much resonance for me, as doors/gates. They don’t seem to lead anywhere, if you follow me. That’s utterly unlike, say, the Javanne tarot, which you can find here:


    Artistically it’s very inferior to Shadowscapes, in terms of draftsmanship and coloration. Nor does everything the designer says is in each picture actually appear in it; a problem associated with reducing larger images, and a particular bet noir of mine. But…it is a deck that I knew I could connect to at once, given the primal way in which the images were provided. And it works, for me. Each card is a door.

    Sorry for the musings, but your mention of Shadowscapes, and my rereading of your blog, brought it back to mind. -You know, I still may end up buying Shadowscapes when it appears, simply because it *is* pretty, very artistically done. But I apparently have a long time to decide, if it won’t be out for at least another two years. 🙂

  • archertarot says:

    The Javanne looks interesting. It reminds me a little of the Shining Tribe.

    The Shadowscapes IS very pretty but I don’t think it’s limited to just that. SPML seems to have put quite a bit of thought into the images. Of course, it’s impossible to say how a deck will hold up to scrutiny until you’re actually reading with it.

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