The Supernal Tarot

November 5, 2008 § Leave a comment

What…never heard of it? Ah ha, I know something you don’t know. Actually, I’m cheating a bit because the Supernal Tarot isn’t technically a tarot deck, although it’s pretty damn close.

Roleplaying games and tarot cards have crossed paths before, but with Keys to the Supernal Tarot, White Wolf’s latest supplement for the Mage: the Awakening franchise, they’ve not only crossed paths, they’ve met for coffee, caught a movie and well, you know…

Let me be clear – there are no cards. But there’s a shiny hardback book with two 2-page spreads showing each one of the 22 cards in lovely technicolour. And the book itself is also quite a treat for tarot lovers – it opens with a short piece of fiction about a reading (using playing cards – duh) and then each of the 22 cards has a chapter devoted to it, with a nice bit of background about the card and how it can be applied to your Mage character.

Want to see more? View the preview PDF here. Meanwhile, here are some piccies:

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