Lunatic Birthday Reading

November 29, 2008 § 8 Comments

For my birthday this week, Hubby gave me the beautiful Lunatic Tarot. This is going to be my Deck of the Month for December and, although December’s still a couple of days away, I didn’t see any point waiting to get stuck in. So I did a birthday reading, using this spread I created for Tarot Stripped Bare:


Much as I really like the Lunatic Tarot, I’ll be honest and say there are some cards that don’t seem to have much to offer interpretation-wise, at least at first glance, and two of those cards came up as the first two cards in this reading. On the other hand, there are plenty of cards – like the 3 of Pentacles – that have a fresh take that offers new insights into the card’s meaning. I think my main challenge with this deck over the next month will be to glean something from those cards that don’t give much away.

Anyway, onto the reading…

This card shows a girl in Victorian-style dress in front of a large, yellow crescent moon. In my mind, she’s standing on a rooftop, although there’s nothing really in the image to base that on. The girl’s facial expression is perhaps the most telling part of the image – her mouth is turned down at the corners and she looks rather forlorn and lost. The sky behind the moon is mottled and cloudy, which could be a nod towards the idea of “confusion” that’s ordinarily associated with this card.

Depiction aside, I understand why this card would come up to represent the last year for me. The Moon is not a card I usually draw for myself but it has come up several times over the last few months, since I’ve been pregnant. Understandably, pregnancy can be a confusing time, full of unfounded fears and worries, a time of hormones and mysterious changes in the body. It’s also a wonderful, magical time which signals entry to a strange, sometimes bewildering but also enchanting new world. So I’m taking that to be what this card stands for here, even though the image itself doesn’t really seem to relate.

This card shows a long-haired man standing in front of two wands. The third wand is barely visible as he’s holding it on the other side of his body. His head is bowed and I can just about make out a cross on his chest. Some kind of bird – a dove, maybe, or perhaps a bird of prey – perches on the left-most wand. That’s about it.

I’d usually associate the 3 of Wands with forging ahead on new projects, being pro-active, creative and visionary. Yet there’s really nothing in this card to link with those meanings. In fact, the image seems to suggest almost the opposite as the man’s posture is like that of a soldier on patrol. Along with his bowed head, the cross and the straps on his clothing, the image seems to speak more of conformity. I really don’t like diverting so far from an accepted meaning though – not without good reason anyway.

Usually, with a card like this where I’m really not sure what the deck creator was getting at, I’d turn to the LWB for a clue, but this is the first deck I’ve ever owned that didn’t come with an LWB – not even a Chinese one. So what’s a girl to do? If anyone has any thoughts on this card (or any of the cards in this reading), please feel free to comment.

This card is thankfully not so oblique as the previous two. It shows a young man, again with a cross on his t-shirt (I think it’s a common symbol in this deck), holding ten wands or, rather, a bundle of long sticks. He is weighed down by them, leaning back so much that it looks like he’s about to be blown over by a gale-force wind. It seems impossible for him to move forward any more. In fact, it’s hard to tell, but I think he’s being pushed back against a wall.

I’ll be honest, I’ve had better gifts…Then again, I think perhaps this card is being literal. My baby is now due so in terms of burden, I’m carrying around quite a big one! And ten also suggests the end of a cycle – the last big push (ha-ha) so I guess my gift is that my little burden of joy will soon be born.

If I were to think away from baby for a moment, to what other kind of “gift” this card could represent, I might be inclined to think of it as a challenge. Throw everything at me, so that I can prove to myself and others how I won’t crumble under pressure. Actually, that’s not really so far removed from having a new baby…the burden isn’t going to end with the birth. In fact, I’m pretty sure the burden’s going to get a lot heavier – so far, it’s been easy, but add in sleepless nights, dirty nappies and constant feeding and I’m probably getting warmer as to what gift this card is giving me. 😀

In this 3 of Pentacles, the three people all have their backs to each other. There’s a guy in a top hat and monocle – he’s presumably the money. Then there’s a guy at the front in white with a cross tattoed on his face – I’m guessing he’s the lead singer of an 80s pop band. And then there’s a guy behind him – I’m not sure who he is, but he’s looking at the guy in front resentfully, so he must be the drummer. There seems to be a grudging kind of acceptance and teamwork. They each need the others in order to support what they want to do and achieve, but they don’t seem to particularly like each other or, at least, they don’t like being so reliant on each other.

This card seems to have a nice, straightforward message. And perhaps it helps to shed some light on the 3 of Wands as well. Looking at the 3 of Wands and the 10 of Wands together, both those figures are leaning backwards, trying to do it all on their own. Whereas the three figures in the 3 of Pentacles have a strong triangular formation and they are all standing upright. So what I need to embrace is the support and help of others so I don’t get overwhelmed. It sounds pretty obvious but I don’t particularly like accepting help so this will involve me having to let my guard down a bit.

Well, this is nice isn’t it? The court cards in the Lunatic are not only very striking and very different to the rest of the cards in the deck, they are also very different to each other. Each one seems to express their individual personality perfectly. The Queen of Cups has a kind, open, sympathetic expression on her face, and her body language is very open too. Again, I think this has a very simple and obvious message. It’s easy to imagine how my Queen of Cupsness will be brought to the fore with having a new baby to look after and love.

So there we have it. Not bad for a first reading with a new deck.

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§ 8 Responses to Lunatic Birthday Reading

  • Helen says:

    I really like the spread Archer! I have a friend who has just had a birthday I think I will do her a reading with this spread 🙂

  • archertarot says:

    Glad you like the spread. Hope it gives you a good reading for your friend!

  • Terrik says:

    I may be a bit late, but the Lunatic Tarot is my sole deck. I fell in love with it the second I saw it, and I’ve had it for a good while now, so I thought I could add some input to the cards:

    I was told that the twos are always a balance of some sort. Two of pentacles is the juggling act, two of cups is relationship-related harmony, two of swords is a stalemate between two sides, and the two of wands is choosing between two paths. That being said, I feel like the three of wands is still lingering between choosing a path, but in a way, he’s preparing to set foot on his adventure, whichever path he goes down.

    That’s my interpretation of it, anyway. I enjoyed reading this post though, and I’ma borrow the spread (today’s my birthday, quite ironically!)

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