The New Mythic Tarot

December 4, 2008 § 7 Comments

If you frequent any tarot forums anywhere then you probably already know that the Mythic Tarot is being re-released and that the publisher has chosen to replace Tricia Newell’s lively art with copies by Giovanni Caselli. The Mythic Tarot is one of my favourite decks so I am not amused. It seems so disrespectful to the original and also smacks of “hey, I’ve got a great idea to make some more money”.

Anyway, as I was mindlessly surfing tonight, I came across some scans from the new version of the deck that someone had posted in a thread at Aeclectic Tarot. I encourage you to take a look, just to see what can happen when you mess with something that really was perfectly fine in the first place. It makes me shudder.

Let this be a lesson to us all.


§ 7 Responses to The New Mythic Tarot

  • TarotByArwen says:

    I’ve been living under a rock. I heard nothing about this. I am appalled. The art while competent is nothing like the original. It takes away from the Mythic’s charm for me. Sigh. This makes me cranky. This is a mistake.

  • Charlene says:

    I’m wasn’t realy familiar with the Mythic tarot, but after looking at the pictures in the link you gave, I totally agree with you!!!

  • Dani says:

    I expected to disagree with you, actually. I rather like the Sharman-Caselli deck and I have sometimes felt a bit put off by the Mythic’s ‘rough’ quality re. artwork, even though I really like it.

    Will reserve judgement proper until I can see the new cards more clearly, but I do agree that it looks as though the energy and character of the original is quite simply missing!

    Disappointing. 😦

  • Quiet says:

    I had heard about the changes but not seen them.

    The art work of the new version is not original in any sense. The later artist simply seems to have redrawn the old images. The positions of the figures are the same and the colour scheme is also the same.

    I could understand a new version if there was something different about the visual concept but there isn’t.

    The original ‘Mythic’ was one of my first decks and I still like it very much. I absent-mindedly almost another copy recently but realised later that it was probably the new version which was released here ahead of other places in the world.

    It is a bit of a ‘con’ to have the two version appear so similar,

  • viemagiquesn says:

    I was sad to hear about this – especially the way Tricia Newell was kept in the dark – and because I liked the original art. But I didn’t see the new cards until recently. Now that I have…oh my! I am really hopping mad. That new Mythic – we have to find another name for it – is so vulgar! Those images are just crap – no other word applies – and don’t do justice either to Tarot or to Greek Myths. It’s not even up to Caselli’s own standards! A great big yellow card to the publishers for that one.

  • From what’s being said here and around the Internet, I think I may be the only person who likes the new version.

    I do know that Giovanni Caselli is a fine, inspired artist in his own right, having done the beautiful Sharman/Casselli deck and is very obviously not creating tarots’ just for the money, (although there’s nothing inherently wrong with money, by the way!)

    The new cards I’ve seen so far strike me as have mystery, detail, romance, and charm in their own right.

    It is a point that they come from Tricia Newell’s designs and I hope she gets her deserved credit for that, but the new cards seem to me, a legitimate artistic collaboration.

    I like the old deck very much, but there’s always room for reinterpretation. Both decks are on the market for about the same low price. I see no need to put them in competition with each other.

    In fact, I think they’d probably complement each other and would recommend buying them both to whoever likes Greek Mythology tarots.

    I don’t know what everyone’s getting so upset about!


  • I lost my Newell deck. I bought the ‘new” deck. I was excited until I opened them. Poor quality card stock. Poor artwork. And now, I cannot even BUY an original for less than $70.00 USED!!!
    Taking them back tomorrow, really unhappy. These people have lost my business….

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