In Search of Justice

December 7, 2008 § 4 Comments

This afternoon I spent quite a bit of time searching through all my decks looking for Justice. It couldn’t be any Justice though. What I was looking for was my ideal representation of Justice – or, at least, as close as I could get to it in my small collection of 20+ decks.

What’s my ideal representation? Cold, analytical, detached, impartial. I thought it would be easy to find but actually, most of my decks seem to have a rather lax view of Justice. I almost gave up. The facial expressions were all wrong, you see. I can’t have Justice sitting there with her sword held straight and true, and her scales perfectly poised, with an expression of doubt on her face. No, she needs to be certain, unwavering, inscrutable. Robotic almost.

Thankfully, I found her – in the second from last place I looked. And here she is. Justice from the Crystal Tarot. Nothing else in my collection comes close.

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§ 4 Responses to In Search of Justice

  • Helen says:

    Oh yes she does have a very detached look doesn’t she! As though nothing would sway her from making that decision however hard!

  • Gary O says:

    “….certain, unwavering, inscrutable. Robotic almost.”

    I think that the Adjustment (Justice) card in the Thoth deck also fits that description.

  • archertarot says:

    Funnily enough, the Thoth was the last deck I was going to look at…but I didn’t get that far.

  • viemagiquesn says:

    LOL, I’ve always seen the Crystal Justice as a bit snooty :-D. She reminds me of those impatient and fastidious judges I remember from my early days as a barrister – awe-inspiring!

    Maybe our personal ideas of justice invariably influence how the various expressions of that arcana affect us? My perfect Justice is the Mythic’s Athena – who looks like she just stopped long enough to have her picture painted before moving on. Yet there is a quality of stillness about her and her owl. Justice to me happens in a moment of pause, balancing and reflection on the past in the middle of the onward movement of life. The world can’t stop long for Her, and she catches up with life all the better if she knows how to move as well as stay still.

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