Two Queens

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Deanres21 asks: Hello, I’m so happy that I can come to the Tarot Doctor, I have only been learning the Tarot a few months and I still don’t understand when I get the Wands and Sword Queens in a reading. As I know that each of these have Fire and Air elements but when I ask a general question these usually pop up in my reading and I must add I’m a male and single.

Hi, thanks for the question Deanres. I can’t tell you why those Queens keep appearing in your readings or what they’re trying to tell you, but I can hopefully give you some tips to help you figure them out next time they turn up.

Let’s take a look at them.  Here are the Queen of Wands and the Queen of Swords side by side. The deck shown is the International Icon Tarot which closely models the popular Rider Waite Smith Tarot. Don’t worry though if your deck doesn’t look like this. The important thing is to always use the images you see before you – that is, your cards.

International Icon Queen of Wands

International Icon Queen of SwordsThe Queen of Wands sits facing us, holding a wand and a sunflower. Her body language is open and welcoming and the card is warm and friendly. There’s even a cat at her feet – how homely!

The Queen of Swords is turned to the side, not facing us. She holds an upright sword in one hand and the other hand is pointing in the direction she’s looking. She’s pictured rising above the clouds, with lots of clear blue air around her. The card is cool and fresh. 

One thing you’ll often hear said about Queens is that they “express” or “embody” the essence of their suit. What does that mean exactly? Well, it means that if you believe Wands represent fire, passion, creativity and action then the Queen of Wands is fiery, passionate, creative and active. In that sense, Queens are quite straightforward but of course that isn’t the whole story. Those are just keywords after all and it’s trying to remember keywords during a reading that can make a lot of readers come unstuck.

One good way to get inside the head of a Queen is to imagine you’ve been invited into her home. Try to picture what the place looks like, what she’s doing there, how she treats you as a guest. Use the image on your card to feed your imagination. So, for example, I imagine this Queen of Wands’ home to be sunny and warm, with yellows and oranges and comfy throw cushions and big bright flowers everywhere. There’s a cat sunning itself on the windowsill and a half-finished painting on an easel in the corner. The Queen herself is a great conversationalist, talking about artists and traveling and parties and life. It’s a place where I feel free to relax, explore and create.

The Queen of Swords’ house is cool and white. She keeps the windows open to let the fresh air in and so she can hear the birds. There’s a desk by a window where she’s writing but she’s very private about it, she won’t show me what she’s working on. There are doors to other rooms but they’re all closed. She likes to know my thoughts on things – politics, literature, science – and she’s sharp and witty. The Queen of Swords’ home is a place where I feel challenged and expected to keep up. It’s not as comfortable as the Queen of Wands’ house but that’s okay because it fulfils a different purpose. I feel I can learn a lot from this Queen and I enjoy her direct manner. I feel I know where I stand with her.

Those are some of my thoughts – yours can differ entirely. And all this is very well but how does it help in a reading? Well, the idea is that the better you get to know your cards the less you have to struggle to work out what they’re telling you in a spread. There are generally two type of spread positions: descriptive (e.g. situation, problem, outcome, etc. ) and advice. When a Queen turns up in a descriptive position, try describing the image on the card and use that as your starting point. If it’s a general reading with no specific question, assume the Queen represents you. If a Queen turns up in a position of advice, then ask yourself what that Queen would do in your situation – or perhaps, what she would advise you to do.

I hope that gives you something to work with. The main thing to remember is be patient. You can’t get every card straight away but they all do fall into place eventually!

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