Learning to Speak Tarot

February 22, 2010 § Leave a comment

Tarot readers are great at spending oodles of time pouring over books, posting on forums, making notes, trying to get to know our cards. What we sometimes forget is that there are easier ways. Tarot is a language and when you learn any language there are objects of reference you can use to help you understand. For example, a French person can point to a dog and say “le chien”. If you happen to be standing next to the French person when they do that, then you’ve just learnt how to say dog in French.

There are a number of ways to use this method to learn to speak Tarot. Here’s one thing you can try:

1. Ask your cards to tell you about the top news story before you see it. Be specific. Ask: “Tell me about the top news story on Radio Two at 8am this morning.” Ask about a news programme that’s coming up soon as a lot can change in just a few hours and that could affect the accuracy of the cards.

2. Shuffle your cards thoroughly and then draw 1, 2 or 3 cards – whatever you feel comfortable with.

3. Put the cards aside until the allotted time when you will get to hear the news. Try not to interpret them ahead of time as you’ll just be enforcing your own idea of what the cards should mean. This exercise is all about letting the cards teach you. If it’s easier, leave the cards face down when you draw them.

4. After you’ve listened to or watched (or read) the top news story, jot down a summary of it. Then look at the cards you drew and see how they fit with the story.

As an example, here’s one I tried earlier, at 8:55am on Saturday 21st February to be exact. I asked, “Tell me about the top news story on BBC Breakfast News on channel 503 at 9am”.

I drew The Emperor, the 2 of Swords and the Knight of Cups:

International Icon Tarot EmperorInternational Icon Tarot 2 of SwordsInternational Icon Tarot Knight of Cups

The top story was along the lines of “Downing Street strongly denies allegations printed in the Observer newspaper about the Prime Minister’s temperamental and moody behaviour.” 

It’s easy to relate to the Emperor as the Prime Minister in this instance. What is the Emperor if not the leader of a country?

The 2 of Swords tells me about denial. The figure in this card is blindfolded and has his arms crossed. He’s not willing to acknowledge or discuss the subject at hand.

I guessed that the Knight of Cups was referring to the Prime Minister’s alleged moody behaviour. Knights can be volatile and the Knight of Cups is concerned with emotions and emotional behaviour. You could also look at this card more literally, as it showing the Knight riding roughshod over other people’s feelings.

Make a note of your thoughts but don’t feel you need to understand every card. The more you repeat this exercise, the easier it will become. This is a great way to get a lot of reading practice without actually doing any readings!

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