Why do I do tarot?

March 25, 2010 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, I was having one of those imaginary conversations with someone who doesn’t get my fascination with tarot. I was trying to explain to them why I spend so much of my one precious life on all things tarot. I actually came up with some convincing points and, had it been a real conversation, I think I really might have made some headway with this person. Alas, they heard none of it but I thought I would make a note of my argument here so I’m good and ready in case I ever need to whip out a confident and erudite response. So here it is:

Tarot is to me…

1) A hobby: I collect decks and appreciate the artwork. I play with my cards or sometimes just admire them. I scout around for decks to add to my collection and I keep up with all the new releases. I talk with others about decks (in fact, I have a much richer social life in online tarot circles than I do in real life!)

2) A constant teacher: Every deck is a doorway to something new. Since I got mixed up with tarot, I’ve not only learnt about the cards, their history, meanings, and uses, but also all manner of related subjects: art, history, philosophy, religion, world cultures, mythology, languages. This, for me, is probably the main thing that keeps me interested and is perhaps the hardest thing to explain to someone unversed in the wonders of tarot. Tarot is so much more than just 78 cards.

3) A way to converse with the divine: That’s what ‘divination’ means, after all. I don’t do many readings, but often when I do it’s because I really have come unstuck. It’s in those readings I get my proof tarot works because it comes through every time – with comfort, guidance, common-sense advice and the feeling that yes, there’s something out there, I’m not alone and whatever ‘it’ is, it wants me to be happy and succeed and do good things in the world.

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