The Orange Tarot – III The Empress

November 6, 2010 § 3 Comments

This week it’s Orangutan Awareness Week which includes – on Wednesday 10th November – Orange for Orangutans Day.

To do my bit, I have created the Orange Tarot. Actually, I am still creating the Orange Tarot – I was hoping to have a whole deck to show you but life got in the way so I only have 7 cards. Still, let’s call it a work in progress. Seven cards over seven days fits quite nicely anyway.

So, what is the Orange Tarot and, more importantly, why is it?

In making the Orange Tarot, I decided to photograph only orange things I could find that somehow expressed each major arcana card. Apparently, it’s more difficult than it sounds. I wasn’t allowed to buy anything – I had to use things I had in my house or garden. Fortunately, I have a toddler so she helped by letting me borrow some of her toys. The card you see here is the Empress. I figure she’d quite like these flowers – and she can sew them onto her clothes as well, so that’s nice. Please note, the deck is supposed to be fun and not…ahem…aesthetically pleasing.

I wanted to do something for Orangutan Awareness Week to help raise money and…er…awareness. The Orange Tarot is just a way of making you look. Then, as you’re casting a critical eye over my rather childish offering, I leap in front of you rattling my donation tin. See, it’s a genius plan!

My way of getting you to cough up is to ebay my copy of the Phantomwise Tarot. Basically, you can raise money to save orangutans (and the money really does save orangutans, loads of them) just by bidding on my auction. Here it is go and bid now, please. If you don’t win, you don’t have to donate any money at all – but by bidding you’ve increased the amount of money raised. Great, isn’t it?

Of course, you can donate as well. Here is the Orangutan Foundation’s donation page on Just Giving which tells you how to do so.

Come back tomorrow to see the next card!

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