Chop Chop

September 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

This past month I’ve had an itchy scissor finger. Fortunately for me, I’d just acquired a copy of the Napo Tarot, which suffers from a extreme and rare form of giantborderitis. Extreme, because the borders are HUGE, and rare, because unlike most other big-bordered decks, it doesn’t possess nice straight lines designed for neat trimming.

What to do what to do. Did I create some sort of template to carefully give each card the same boxy outline? Or did I just start hacking?

I hacked, of course. Now I have a very colourful and much-improved deck in a wibbly-wobbly world of its own. See Exhibit A:

Still, that didn’t satisfy my urges. I started frantically looking for another subject and my eyes fell on the Original Rider Waite. Wouldn’t its vintage lettering and muted colours look so much better freed from their tedious frames?

Yes indeedy. I give you Exhibit B:

Finally I can rest, though my fingers be blistered and my scissors be blunt, I am safe in the knowledge that my psychic powers of prediction will no longer be blocked by intuition-draining borders.

What a relief.

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