Mountain Dream – 3 of Pentacles

September 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve decided to revive Deck of the Month – something I abandoned over two years ago. For those of you who have not been hanging on my every word since January 2009, the Deck of the Month Club is a totally made-up club which anyone can join whose only requirement is that you casually commit to using a different deck each month. You can use other decks while you’re doing Deck of the Month but a) you must try and use your Deck of the Month most of the time, and b) you must feel sharp pangs of guilt for straying elsewhere.

There’s only a little bit of September left so for the last 10 days-ish of this month, my Deck of the Month will be the Mountain Dream. Because the Mountain Dream is kewl.

For example, here’s the 3 of Pentacles:

Mountain Dream - 3 of Pentacles

What I like about this card is its casual simplicity. It emphasizes collaboration but it’s much less formal than, say, the RWS. In this card, all three people are huddled around the discs. You can’t even see their faces but I can imagine what they’re saying: What do you think? Up a bit, left a bit, what if we turned that one round? Do you think they should be blue or red? Hang on, I’ll hold this one while you two line the others up. They’re all interested in making it the best they can and it’s their openness – allowing each person’s skills and experience and artistry to shape the finished work – that will ensure shared success.

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