A Year With The Haindl, cont.

October 9, 2011 § 4 Comments

So, for the record, this is what I’m trying to achieve. Despite having had the Haindl for 5 years now, my study of it has been slow and fragmented. It is the deck that I keep coming back to, the one that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, the one I feel at home with, but there is still so much of it I don’t know all that well. Recently I have been lazy, allowing myself to ignore all the ‘twiddly bits’ (Hebrew letters, runes, I ching hexagrams, planets and signs) and whilst that’s fine, it means I only ever really scratch the surface. I would like to have the kind of deep knowledge suggested by the 8 of Stones – a slow, elephantine knowing.

Haindl Tarot 8 of Stones

I have decided not to set any sort of structure (e.g. study one card every 4.68 days) as I know I’ll find that too confining. Rather, I am just going to use it for readings, study whatever cards pique my interest, and also find some good books to help me understand the twiddly bits. Over the course of the next 12 months, I want to:
– learn more about Kabbalah (including which way I should be spelling it), runes, the I Ching, and astrology
– learn more about the historical and mythological figures who make up the court cards
– become more comfortable reading with the deck, first for myself but also for others
– go into each card more
– use it to help me grow, to understand myself and the world better
– play with it, using the excellent activities in my forthcoming book 😉
– assign timings to each of the cards
– become one with the deck

All of which sounds fun and do-able right? I think so.

Anyway, after making my pledge yesterday sitting, as I was, in the car park of B&Q (where all great life-changing decisions are made), I thought it would be nice to draw a card from the Haindl as a kind of commentary. The card I drew was the 5 of Swords – Defeat. Never let it be said that the Haindl doesn’t have a sense of humour.

Still, I am undeterred and have made the 5 of Swords the first subject for scrutiny. Illuminating insights to follow…


§ 4 Responses to A Year With The Haindl, cont.

  • Lifeisabutterfly says:

    I am so looking forward to following your progress! I recently trimmed the borders off my giant German Haindl (you’ve created a monster and I thank you for it)each card is like a familiar old sock to me by now hence rendering the titles superfluous and I too sigh wistfully as I wish I could be virtuous enough to study all the twiddly bits as well as both of Rachel Pollock’s books on Haindl….

  • I think that this is a great idea; but not the easiest one. I don’t doubt you can do it though. I find that playing and letting the cards set the rules is often the best way; kind of let them take the direction. There is such a depth to the Haindl that I am sure it won’t be a dull adventure. I look forward to following your journey and wish you all the very best of luck. I often think of doing a similar thing but unfortunately, once I set my intention, it’s always too much for me to live up to, lol. But don’t let that dishearten you. Those mythological characters will be great to research. Each one in itself holds a world of unfound knowledge and understanding for you to go and swim amongst. I think you will get a lot from this.

    Prince Le Normand

  • Lynda Cowles says:

    Thanks both of you. I’m enjoying myself so far and like you say Prince, I doubt I’ll get bored as there’s so much to delve into. I actually feel extremely contented with the idea that the Haindl is going to be with me every day. The difficult thing is I’ve wanted to blog about every single card I’ve pulled and can’t!

  • Iman says:

    Reading your post is like listening to my mind 🙂 This is my first deck and I have been searching for it a long time now. It was a love at first sight, what can I say! I also wanted to do a meditation for a few days on each card like it’s suggested by many but found it difficult to follow. Than I decided to do readings every day and do the meditation and study on specific card as I feel drawn to it. So far I got The Fool, The Star, Alchemy and I’m on High Priestess right now. Runes and Hebrew is also new to me but I feel highly motivated to study those systems too. I think this deck gives you so much insights from a different point of view, it would be shame to disregard those teachings. I will follow up your work and hopefully we’ll share some constructive thoughts on it 🙂

    Love and Light!

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