Haindl Tarot – 2 of Cups

January 19, 2012 § 2 Comments

Rachel pollack writes that the 2s represent positive action.

The hexagram is 1, the Creative. It is made up purely of yang lines, reinforcing the idea of action. Hilary Barrett writes:

“It begins with an opening to the source of the creative impulse – not plans or intentions, but the vital energy that powers them. Then you create success by sustaining a continuous, two-way flow between source and action. You step into the heart of a process of creation, welcome its momentum and find ways to join and work with it.”

Usually, the 2 of Cups describes a connection between people, something that exists or occurs without conscious effort. Yet the word “love” is a verb. To Love. I love. You love. Be loved. Love.

Despite the earnest nature bestowed on it by its title, the colours are bright and the peacock cocks his head in friendly flirtation. It’s a question, an invitation to play. This isn’t the Lovers, it’s just a two. Yes, there’s something there – a spark of recognition, a connection, a kindred soul – but without action it will come to nothing.

I always think of this card as having a subtitle: Beauty. The peacock is beautiful and he knows it. He uses it to his advantage when seeking a mate. It is important to bring something to the relationship.

I don’t read reversals but if I did I would see this card representing vanity, self-love, and superficiality. The cups would be upside down and unable to hold anything. All love flows back to the source.

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§ 2 Responses to Haindl Tarot – 2 of Cups

  • Jamie Morris says:

    Hello! I’m particularly appreciating your notions of action and beauty as applied to the Two of Cups. Not likely to EVER try to tackle the Haindl (!!!), still, I’ll take your insights back to the (gazillion) decks I read from regularly.

    Thanks for your lovely blog. I’ve come late to the party–but would be so happy to see you continuing to write your engaging, open, helpful posts.

  • Melissa says:

    I had never seen the beautiful imagery on the Haindl Deck like this card here. I have never strayed from the easier decks to understand. This post made me realize this is a needed addition to my collection. thank you

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