The Tarot Playbook

78 Novel Ways to Connect With Your Cards

“In these pages, you will find 78 fun things that you and your deck can do together. Start at the beginning and proceed in an orderly fashion or pick and choose as the mood takes you. Whichever method you choose, you’ll find plenty to keep you and your deck occupied without ever having to struggle through a reading or spend hours researching the alchemical emblems of early-Twentieth-century Masonic-catworshippers. And before you know it, you and your deck will have bonded, and will be able to read each other’s minds and make each other coffee just how you like it.”

the tarot playbook

By Lynda Cowles (that’s me)
Published by Schiffer
176 pages with 78 full colour pseudo-tarot images
ISBN: 9780764339882
RRP: £14.95

Buy it from Tarot Chest (UK), Schiffer Publishing (US) and lots of other places.

What they’re saying about The Tarot Playbook…

“This book saved my life!” ~ The Hyperbolic Tarot

“The silliest tarot book ever written. I highly recommend you avoid it like the plague.” ~ The Stuffed Shirt Tarot

“Since my shuffler bought this book, everything has been sunshine and rainbows between us.” ~ The Tarot of Utter Loveliness

And what humans are saying:

Join the discussion on Aeclectic Tarot here.

“Reading this book is like spending time with a zany, whip-smart friend who keeps coming up with priceless Tarot-related jokes, jabs, and gems.” ~ Zanna Starr, Tarot Notes (read full review here)

“Everyone can find something to do in this book, whether as an individual or as a group activity. We can disagree with this and that, but there are also things that we can agree on. A good way to expand your Tarot vision.” ~ Bonnie Cehovet, Perspectives on Tarot (full review here)

“I recommend this book to anyone who wants to discover a lighter side to using your tarot deck, or to better understand and build a bond with a difficult deck.” ~ Cher Green, Tarot Examiner (full review here)

“In the first section you will find “24 Ways to Get Acquainted With Your Cards” – even if you don’t do anything else in this book you must try these activities! If you happen to have a new deck that you haven’t gotten to know yet this is the perfect way to start.” ~ Mary M. Nale, The Tarot Guild (full review here)

“I absolutely had a blast reading this book, I giggled, laughed out loud and even raised an eyebrow or two at Lynda’s wicked fun sense of humor and I can guarantee that you will too!” ~ Liz Christy, Lizzie’s Logic (full review here)

“If you like a good read with a great sense of humor while it is also teaching you something, then this is the book for you.” ~ Koneta, New Paths Tarot (full review here)

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