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There goes April. Wave as it passes you by….

Before the month was out – before my book was out – I wanted to do so much more horn tooting. But that’s what happens when life has other plans. This month I become a published author – a dream I’ve had pretty much my whole life – and to be totally honest with you (because it’s my blog and why should I try to be anything else here?) right at this moment I couldn’t care less.

So what to do. Every day I think “I should be promoting my book”. I’m not going to have this opportunity again. It should be hitting Amazon and the like around this weekend. I should be cheerleading, blurting vibrant messages into the blogosphere/twittersphere/tarotforumasphere. But I just can’t. I haven’t got it in me. Right at this moment my life is the spitting image of the Strength card and honestly, the woman in that card might look all calm and patient and composed but really her whole body aches and she’s tired and she can’t stop crying when no one’s looking (and often when they are).

So what I’m doing at the moment is nothing. And the only reason I’m writing this post is so I can give myself permission to do nothing. I’ve explained myself. I’ve publicly given a reason for failing to market my own book (for anyone that cares). The book will still be out in two weeks or a month or whenever I manage to escape from this hole. Until then, this is pretty much as good as it’s going to get.

Something Foolish for April Fool’s Day

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The Tarot Playbook is out this month (hurray!) so to celebrate April Fool’s Day I thought I’d give you a peek at the very first of the 78 Novel Ways to Connect with Your Cards. This one’s called:


Making a commitment to spend 78 days, weeks, or any length of time with a deck you’ve only just met is surely one of the most foolish things you can do. What if you don’t get on? What if, after just one study session together, you realize you’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake? Your only choice is to suffer or fail. That’s why this book exists. The only thing that is required of you and your cards is an open heart and a willingness to act like a fool…

1. This ceremony can be performed at any time of year, though Springtime is best.

2. Before you begin, some preparations must be made. Dress in whatever makes you feel most attractive. Wrap your cards in a white silk cloth or large white handkerchief. Light a candle.

3. Place your cards on a high surface, such as a table or a kitchen worktop. Lightly rest your left hand on top of your cards.

4. Now, say these words:

I do solemnly declare, that I know of no good reason why I (say your name), should not frolic with wild abandon with you (say your deck’s name), from this day forward for as long as either of us cares to – forsaking no others, and with no strings attached, for no other purpose than to enjoy each other’s company and have a good time.

5. Unwrap your deck and allow it time to say the same to you (telepathically, of course).

6. Now cradle the cards in your hands and blow out the candle. The ceremony is complete. You and your deck have taken the first step towards present happiness. Celebrate by asking a random passer–by to take a photograph of the two of you together.

Intrigued? Stay tuned for more sneak peeks throughout April.

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