Daily Drawing With Intent

December 7, 2008 § 4 Comments

I keep changing my mind about daily draws. Lately, I’ve got into the habit of drawing a card in the morning but I tend to draw it blind. That is, I don’t ask a question or ask for advice for the day or anything like that. I just draw a card at random “to ponder on”. As you might expect, this has mixed results.

I’ve tried drawing daily cards for advice in the past but either a) I spend most of the day trying to figure out what particular situation the card is giving me advice for, or b) I go through my day thinking very little about the card and forget to follow its advice!

Anyway, as I was walking the dog this morning, it occurred to me that I could be using this daily card a bit more constructively. My idea was to decide what it is I want to achieve that day. It might be something practical such as complete a particular task at work or make some progress on my book. Or it could be something less tangible like be supportive of a family member. I guess it could also be something negative, like “I don’t want to waste so much time clicking around forums today”. ūüôā Then¬†I draw a card to¬†give me advice on how best to go about achieving my goal for the day.

I quite like this idea. It’s less random than a random daily draw, and it makes me ultimately responsible for the content of my day.¬†As well, since I’ve been doing this Deck of the Month doo-dah thing, I’m invariably using a deck I’m not that familiar with so this method of “drawing with intent” gives me a better chance of getting to know the deck. I find it much easier to understand what a card’s telling me if I have some kind of context in which to interpret it.

Okay, so let’s put this to the test shall we? Today is a lovely sunny Sunday in December and now the work stuff and chores are out of the way, I’ve got the rest of the afternoon and evening to spend however I like. So what do I want to achieve today? Well, at the forefront of my mind is the fact that baby is now 8 days overdue. I’ve got a hospital appointment tomorrow where I’m sure they’re going to start talking about ways to hurry things along and that makes me nervous. What I really want to do today is try¬†to relax and regain the patience and “what will be, will be” attitude I had a few days ago. What will the Lunatic Tarot advise?

King of Wands

Well, I have to admit…I was expecting something a little more calming. But this makes sense. The reason I’m starting to panic is that I feel the consultant I’m seeing tomorrow is going to steamroller me. I feel that they’re going to start dictating what needs to happen and when, whereas I still want to allow more time for baby to arrive when she’s ready. The King of Wands tells me that I need to retain authority over my personal realm, i.e. my body and my baby. They can’t make me do anything¬†I don’t want to so I need to go in there with my own ideas and not be afraid to be assertive. This king looks very sure of himself and very much in control. Also, with his red hair and white beard, he doesn’t seemed concerned about going against the grain.

Whilst this might sound like a reading about what to do tomorrow, it does help me today. If I’m confident that nothing will happen tomorrow that I don’t want to happen, then I’ll be able¬†to put any worries out of my mind today.

Daily Draw – Ace of Stones

November 14, 2008 § Leave a comment


My card today is the Ace of Stones in the West. It’s a very simple and deeply spiritual image that, for me, really sums up the philosophy of the suit of stones as a whole. The card is dominated by a large, perfectly¬†round stone – in itself, an unusual find in the natural world. An eagle descends to land on the stone. Beyond, a rainbow traces the curved outline of the stone in a blue sky.

Rachel Pollack writes that Haindl painted the eagle to represent Watan-Tanka. As I understand it, to the Lakota people, Watan-Tanka is the creator, god and great mystery of all there is. As I was trying to find out more about Watan-Tanka online (not an easy task) I came across this quote, which seemed appropriate for the card:

“You have noticed that everything an Indian does is in a circle, and that is because the Power of the World always works in circles, and everything tries to be round….. The Sky is round, and I have heard that the earth is round like a ball, and so are all the stars. The wind, in its greatest power, whirls. Birds make their nest in circles, for theirs is the same religion as ours….

“Even the seasons form a great circle in their changing, and always come back again to where they were. The life of a man is a circle from childhood to childhood, and so it is in everything where power moves.”

РAttributed to Black Elk Oglala Sioux Holy Man (1863-1950), found here.

The eagle coming down to touch the stone is like the spirit or the divine blessing the material world. This is why the Haindl Tarot is the only deck in which the earth suit is my favourite suit – because it closely links the everyday world of work, money, shelter, food, clothing, and the physical body with our spiritual wellbeing, instead of seeing the two as separate and incompatible.

Universal Fantasy – 4 of Wands

November 5, 2008 § Leave a comment

Universal Fantasy –¬†4 of Wands

I found this card quite depressing when I drew it this morning. It seems to be a very accurate visual representation of my life at the moment. The card shows some kind of structure – a building – high up on stilts, but the structure is very topsy-turvy and rickety-looking. It looks like one stiff breeze will send the whole thing crashing down like a house of cards. Several things in my life at the moment feel like they are held together with nothing more than some sticky-back plastic and chewing gum so this card seems rather apt.

Overall though I don’t think it’s intended to have such a bleak meaning. It’s supposed to represent the idea of completion – of a stage in the journey reached. So what that the building isn’t very sturdy – at least it’s finished. Someone’s even gone to the trouble of slapping a couple of laurel wreaths on it for a job (well) done. Meanwhile, two figures swoop between the stilts on giant blue birds. They may be celebrating or they may just be stopping by on a much longer journey.

The LWB is rather astute on this one: ‚ÄúA job is well done when all we have done is what needed to be done and no more.‚ÄĚ So I guess this is actually quite an important message for me today. We’re very busy at the moment – entering the busy retail season and trying to finish some other big projects at the same time, all with the big baby clock ticking in the background. Every day feels like an uphill struggle just to clear the essentials – let alone make any headway in other things. Maybe this card is just telling me “it’s okay, you’re doing enough”. Or maybe it’s saying “do what you have to do to keep it together but don’t worry too much about everything else”.

Universal Fantasy – 8 of Cups

November 3, 2008 § Leave a comment

The 8 of Cups is another one of my favourite cards from this deck. It shows a young man mounted on a white bird. He is waving goodbye to a giant. The giant¬†holds out his hands as if to say,¬†“Why are you leaving? Don’t go”.

On the floor are eight cups full of jewels and riches, presumably to show just how much the young man is leaving behind. But he doesn’t seem too bothered.¬†He’s off to seek new adventure. Like the Littlest Hobo, he can’t stay in one place for too long. This has been one chapter in his life, that’s all, and as far as he is concerned, bigger and better things await.

The card actually tells two stories. That of the young man and that of the giant.¬†The giant’s open hands make¬†it look like he is releasing the young man, the way one would release a dove to the sky. Whereas the young man looks happy and excited, the giant seems heartbroken and seems to be losing someone he is very fond of. Now the giant is left with all the riches but is missing something far more valuable.

I like it from the giant’s point of view…it’s very poignant. Whilst the young man shows us someone who is moving on to pastures new –¬†which is closer in meaning to the more “traditional”¬†8 of Cups – the giant represents the need to recognize when it’s time to let go. It’s hard to do, but something we are called on to do numerous times in our lives, especially the older we get.

It occurs to me that there is an (albeit tenuous) link between yesterday’s card and this one. The Ace of Swords raised the question of high ideals and perhaps could pose the question, “What high ideals are important to me and have I recently forgotten them?” The 8 of Cups raises the issue of priorities. Am I following my own path or am I letting myself be held back¬†out of loyalty to¬†someone or something¬†else?

Universal Fantasy – Ace of Swords

November 2, 2008 § Leave a comment

My first daily draw with the Universal Fantasy is the Ace of Swords Рone of my favourite cards in the deck.

A single sword is displayed in huge echoing halls. I can hear footsteps and silence. The sword points up, to high ideals, and is fixed to the wall. Truth is eternal? Yet displayed here, in this museum-like building, suggests that the sword represents an ideal that is difficult to aspire to in everyday life. It is like a relic of some great but long-forgotten empire. One can walk round it and admire it, but not hold it in one’s hands.

Daily Draw – Kali

October 25, 2008 § Leave a comment


Mother of Wands in the East

Scary, assertive, intimidating. Someone who gets what they want. A person in control. Open, unapologetic, passionate.

She is a giant – you can see the curvature of the earth. Potentially destructive – a story tells of her almost destroying the world with her dancing. Perhaps indicates someone impulsive, who doesn’t think about the consequences.

A powerful, forceful personality. But at the same time, likeable. With her tongue sticking out like that, she seems cheeky, fun and mostly harmless. Like an exuberant dog.

Daily Draw – 7 of Cups

October 24, 2008 § Leave a comment


Illusions of Success

Six upright cups on the outside, one upside down on the inside. An empty shell. Nothing of value on the inside. Lights are on but no one’s home – but emotional. Emotional investment in outward appearances.

Perhaps the one upside down cup suggests a problem that is not insurmountable. Fly in the ointment rather than total disaster. A blip.

Also, odd one out, sore thumb, black sheep – in some kind of relationship, or having a feeling/doubt that conflicts with your other feelings.

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