Joy Ride

January 24, 2009 § 4 Comments

In what will surely become known as “The January of Mad-Crazy Tarot Deck Buying” (see below), I have acquired the Hudes Tarot.

This is a deck I thought I hated and would never own, simply because of the Magician card which “graces” the front of the box. Frankly, it’s an ugly card. The Magician looks old and crabby and snippy whereas in my mind he should be virile and charismatic and crackling with energy. Because of this, I have never really looked any closer at the Hudes (well, that, and the fact that the scans at Aeclectic are truly, truly awful).

Yet, for some unknown reason, I suddenly wanted the Hudes. This has happened before – a strong feeling of suddenly being drawn to a deck I’ve shown no previous interest in – and I’ve learned to just go with it (it’s how I met the Haindl). And guess what? The Hudes is a lovely deck. It’s warm and calm and often very beautiful in a modest way. If the Hudes was a bird, it would be a wren.

As I’ve grown older and more set in my ways, I’ve become less forgiving of tarot decks that don’t align with my own takes on the cards. I rarely buy a deck nowadays that puts Justice at VIII; I avoid decks that cop-out and rename Death; and I almost certainly would poo-poo a deck that used any old circular object to represent the Wheel of Fortune just to make the card fit a theme (okay, that last one is probably still a good reason to avoid a deck).

The tarot world is full of different perspectives – that’s what fascinated me about it in the first place. Yet, lately, I’ve become less willing to experiment and explore. This is a mistake. Instead of looking at the Hudes Magician and thinking “that’s wrong, I don’t like that”, I should think “hmm, what an interesting depiction of the Magician, I wonder why the artist chose to portray him like that – I must investigate further”.

It is perhaps only by approaching new decks in this frame of mind – with open curiosity – that we can continue to learn more and more, to broaden our tarot horizons and keep ourselves from becoming stale. In this way, we are like Fools, and each new deck starts a new journey. Some journeys will be short-lived and take us nowhere (such as the short trip I took with the Tarot of the Secret Forest). Others will take us further than we dreamed possible.

Anyway, this post is my gift to you. Feel free to use it as an excuse to buy a new deck (or more). So far this month I’ve used it as an excuse to buy the Fairytale Tarot, the Hudes, the Truth-Seeker’s Tarot, the New Palladini and the Caring Psychic Family Tarot. 😀

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