A Confession

March 13, 2010 § 3 Comments

I like Rider Waite style decks.

There, I’ve said it. Oh I may try to hide it, by going on about the Haindl with its non-traditional symbolism and non-scenic pips and non-RWS majors, but give me a deck that shows three swords piercing a heart and eight wands flying through the air and I’m as happy as a young lad dancing precariously close to the edge of a cliff.

My favourite decks (apart from the Haindl) – the ones I turn to for most of my readings – are the Aquarian, the Morgan Greer, the International Icon and the Hoi Polloi. And now I have a new one, the Mountain Dream, which has pleased me no end with its hip Seventies homage to the RWS. I was born in ’75 so I don’t have many memories of that decade but I do have a childhood captured in photographs – photographs very similar to the Mountain Dream’s 6 of Cups which could almost be a picture of me and my brother.

The Mountain Dream captures the message of each card simply and brilliantly, with facial expressions and body language – no esoteric symbolism or hidden messages. The actors are all perfect for their roles – the court cards in particular are so easy to read, from the warm and motherly Queen of Pentacles to the handsome and intense Knight of Cups. I find myself looking through the deck wondering about how each card was made – the planning of the scenes, the choosing of the props, costumes and settings. Apparently, it was a real collaborative effort with the friends and family of Bea Nettles all helping her over four years to achieve her vision of a photographic tarot deck. Don’t you wish you could have been there?¬†I do.

And now there’s another RWS style deck I want, one which has popped up on the¬†Aeclectic forum this week. I think it’s called the Tarot Nusantara. Here are the majors and here are the minors. Wow.

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