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Today, I received my copy of Paul O. Zelinsky’s Caldecott award-winning Rapunzel. Inside, I discovered some tarot cards:

The Tower (of course):

The 5 of Pents:

and the 10 of Cups:

Other images in the book could be linked to tarot cards as well, you know if I squinted and tried really hard, but these ones are undeniably tarotey and would not look out of place at all in a deck.

Incidentally, I am halfway through the unputdownable A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness and Siobhan Dowd, and I’m pretty sure the Lovers card from the Druidcraft Tarot was just referenced. More on that another time perhaps.

The Orange Tarot – XVI The Tower

November 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

The Tower - Orange TarotAnother card made possible by the unstinting generosity of my little girl. As she will testify, the higher you build a tower (and the smugger you get about how high it is) the more likely it is to collapse.

There’s a short film (well, shortish – it’s 48 minutes long) called Green that you can watch online that’s about a female orangutan rescued from an oil palm plantation in Indonesia. Although many parts aren’t easy to watch, it shows directly the very real, and unnecessary damage, caused by deforestation.

Happy Orange for Orangutan Day! May there be many many more to come…

On the Edge of Reason

November 3, 2008 § 1 Comment

On a live television show I’ve just been watching, the guest talked about the Rider Waite Tower card and its similarity to the events of 9/11. No surprises there. What did shock me, however, was that this expert was able to spew complete nonsense and make it sound like authoratitive and reliable insight.

Claim No. 1: The Tower card in the tarot (specifically the Rider Waite – no mention was given of there being any other type of Tower card) includes a “symbol”, tucked away in the bottom right hand corner of the card – so obscure that most people don’t even realise it’s there. This symbol, apparently, shows the awakening of the kundalini and how remarkable that this should appear on the Tower card, as it relates so well to the kind of traumatic spiritual awakening experienced by so many enlightened folks.

The symbol he’s referring to? Yes, that’s right – it’s Pamela Colman Smith’s initials, which can be found on every single Rider Waite card.

Claim No. 2: In order to truly appreciate the significance of this symbol and it’s relation to the Tower card and – indeed – civilization, we must understand that these cards go back over 3,500 years, to Ancient Egypt.


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