Giving Up

February 14, 2009 § 3 Comments

I’m giving up on the Deck of the Month. It was a nice idea but…it enforces an artificial schedule that makes me feel all claustrophobic. My Anna K. has arrived and I want to play with that but I’m supposed to be using my Hudes. It makes me want to stamp my feet and say “No! Shan’t!” And that just creates bad feeling all round.

Besides, I just don’t have the time at the moment to do anything with my Deck of the Month, which kind of defeats the whole purpose. It seems I need a more relaxed approach which will allow me to get to know a new deck – say, oh I don’t know, the Anna K. – over a few months, instead of trying to squish it all into one.

And as for Card of the Month…don’t get me started. Ugh.


§ 3 Responses to Giving Up

  • Helen says:

    Well I can appreciated how you feel lol. I did use one deck only for about a year but that was nearly four years ago. Now I use whichever deck I feel drawn to depending on what I am doing. I do however stick with the decks that I am writing about (in terms of writing) till I get to the end of the 78 cards, as I find this a great learning tool.

    Hope you enjoy your Anna K.

  • Charlene says:

    Good decision to do whatever you like, with whatever deck you want.
    When you let the “have to” feeling go, it will probably go a lot easier.
    Looking forward to you post about the Anna K though.

  • Kate says:


    I agree. You have to feel right with the deck and you can’t be creative if you feel oppressed. Maybe it’s too strong a word, but the creative force goes for broke when it feels that it’s being hemmed in.
    You know, I can’t even read one book at a time never mind use one deck. As we are so spoiled now by so many beautiful decks it’s a shame to limit ourselves to just one. However there does need to be some method to my madness. So I’ve decided to use different decks for different types of readings. I like the Hudes and the Touchstone tarot for relationship readings, as there is a lot of dialogue going on between the portraits expressions. I’ve recently started using The Druid Craft Tarot for doing the exercises in the “21 ways to read a tarot card” by Mary K. Greer, as I found I was getting too stereo-typed in my interpretations, and there are lots of stories and facial expressions which tell stories in this deck, so I’m noticing a lot more and am able to see the card in a whole new light.
    Some of the arty decks are great for intuitive readings, where you just throw out the traditional interpretations.
    I still haven’t found the “one true deck” that speaks to my soul, or maybe there isn’t such a deck? I’ve seen many beautiful decks that I have a soulful feeling for, and love the artwork, but it’s still difficult to find the one where it just clicks. I don’t know how my mum used to read ordinary playing cards and fill in so much detail. Perhaps that’s the hallmark of a true psychic.(?)

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