The Orange Tarot – XII The Hanged Man

November 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is perhaps the lamest card in the deck so far, for which I apologise. There possibly will be lamer in the future, but I haven’t had to do Judgement yet. 🙂

The Hanged Man as a clothes peg, how might one interpret that I wonder? “You feel like you’ve been hung out to dry?” Hmm…maybe not. What about? “You’re like a clothes peg that doesn’t have any clothes to hold. So you’re feeling helpless, waiting for someone to come along with a sock or a nice pair of pants.”

Orangutans like to just hang around you know.  They spend their lives just hanging out in trees, being orange. That’s how cool they are. When I grow up I want to be an orangutan.

Thank you to everyone who has bid on the Phantomwise – it’s at £28 already! I don’t know what that equals in fruit (which orangutans love to eat) but I’m guessing it’s quite a lot. Yay, everyone! If the Phantomwise isn’t your bag, perhaps a straight donation might be more to your liking instead…?

Come back tomorrow for another exciting installment of THE ORANGE TAROT!!

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