Universal Fantasy – 4 of Wands

November 5, 2008 § Leave a comment

Universal Fantasy – 4 of Wands

I found this card quite depressing when I drew it this morning. It seems to be a very accurate visual representation of my life at the moment. The card shows some kind of structure – a building – high up on stilts, but the structure is very topsy-turvy and rickety-looking. It looks like one stiff breeze will send the whole thing crashing down like a house of cards. Several things in my life at the moment feel like they are held together with nothing more than some sticky-back plastic and chewing gum so this card seems rather apt.

Overall though I don’t think it’s intended to have such a bleak meaning. It’s supposed to represent the idea of completion – of a stage in the journey reached. So what that the building isn’t very sturdy – at least it’s finished. Someone’s even gone to the trouble of slapping a couple of laurel wreaths on it for a job (well) done. Meanwhile, two figures swoop between the stilts on giant blue birds. They may be celebrating or they may just be stopping by on a much longer journey.

The LWB is rather astute on this one: “A job is well done when all we have done is what needed to be done and no more.” So I guess this is actually quite an important message for me today. We’re very busy at the moment – entering the busy retail season and trying to finish some other big projects at the same time, all with the big baby clock ticking in the background. Every day feels like an uphill struggle just to clear the essentials – let alone make any headway in other things. Maybe this card is just telling me “it’s okay, you’re doing enough”. Or maybe it’s saying “do what you have to do to keep it together but don’t worry too much about everything else”.

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